All About Black Skin - The Series – Ode to Self Skincare and Wellness

All About Black Skin - The Series

As a skincare and wellness company that's founded on the principles of obtaining and maintaining better wellness practices when it comes to our mental health, skin, and overall well-being for the Black community, we understand how it can seem to be just marketing jargon when we talk about how our skincare is made for us, so we wanted to answer the questions that you may be pondering:

How is it made for Black individuals specifically?

I've decided to go skin deep, literally, to help you understand the racial differences when it comes to skin and the variances that occur. This can help you to be a more informed consumer when thinking about skincare products, what our skin's needs are, and help you to be more comfortable in understanding why Ode to Self exists as the company we are growing to be. 

A lot of companies, not specifically naming names, believe that "all skin is the same." It may seem that way, but to be honest, Black skin in comparison to Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian skin, is subjective to many different environmental, internal, and genetic factors, making our microflora different than others. So, we're going to be a little more transparent and honest, using studies and science to back us up here, because we're nerds like that.

As we dive into this series, I want you to understand that I've been pulling from research articles, so you'll see some references. As I'm educating you all, I'm educating myself so that Ode to Self can provide you with the tools you need for your skin and to live your best self. We want to be even more intentional as we're designing products for you, as we need to become more of the forefront and not the afterthought with the new skincare movement.

Take this knowledge that we're equipping you with and apply it to your decisions when it comes to taking care of your skin. We'll also tackle certain ingredients and why they're included in the formulation based on the function and purpose of the product, in relation to the studies that have been conducted for Black skin regarding certain skin complications.

As we develop this series, we'd LOVE to hear some of your questions in regards to your skin that you may have concerns about or things that you want to understand more. What are some things that you'd like to hear? What are your concerns? What don't you understand about skin or specifically your skin?



With much love,
Kimberlee, xx