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You Don't Need Permission to Take a Time Out

I've been open with my anxiety and my battle with depression here and there. It's surface level, but it's something that I've struggled with for years. However, I've been able to manage it in the past with exercise, better sleep, and watching my stress levels.

For a while now, I haven't been able to focus how I normally do and really take care of myself the way that I need to. Besides running Ode to Self, I also--full disclosure--have a full-time job and a part-time, just to help with some expenses of Ode to Self and getting things together.

As you can imagine, I haven't been able to "get out and smell the roses", since every single day of mine that exists in a week are completely booked up by 8 hour workdays (on Wednesdays, it's actually more like 12 hours because of the part-time). Because of this, it's taken a toll on my mental and physical wellness. As you can imagine, it's not a great feeling, because I'm in this constant state of mental turmoil struggling to get back on track to taking care of myself how I once was before.

During this time, I've realized that it's okay if you need to take a break or to take time out for yourself. When I started working full-time about 5 or 6 years ago, I rarely never took a day off because I wasn't really cognizant of mental health, nor did I think that I could actually take a day off for other than being sick.

As I've grown and become more aware of myself, how I feel, knowing my limits, and when too much is too much, I understand that stress is definitely real. And I know that taking a break when you aren't really feeling your best--mentally AND physically--is of vital importance as your existence of being human.

It's something that you shouldn't have to feel guilty of and I believe that more people, especially in leadership positions, should encourage taking a moment for yourself and understanding the importance of a metaphysical reset. I think as a working human, a woman or man in a role of a father, mother, or guardian, we rarely give ourselves the time that we need to recover and hit the pause button to gather our thoughts. Everything is "go-go-go", and that's sadly what we've been taught, and that vacations or time off isn't necessary or needed, unless we're literally dying. 

I took a weekend off because I could hear my body and mind begging me for it, shouting at me literally to stop and catch me break, and I had to finally tell myself enough is enough--I listened. I feel a little refreshed, as I still feel guilty for time off because I'm worried about what my check would look like (the extra money helps to keep OTS running and provides a nice bump). However, I'm understanding that my health is more than an electronic deposit and I've built OTS on the premise on listening to your body, deepening the relationship with yourself, and giving yourself simply the best all around.

You don't need permission to take care of you. I hope that you always remember that and understand that.


Kimberlee, xo