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Zoom The Reflection Kit - Dry Skin Starter Ritual
Zoom The Reflection Kit - Dry Skin Starter Ritual
Zoom The Reflection Kit - Dry Skin Starter Ritual

The Reflection Kit - Dry Skin Starter Ritual

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Discover your newest dry skin regimen that packs a gentle punch with light exfoliation and hydration at the same time without further irritating your skin in our all-new Reflection Kit for Dry Skin.

Who it's for:
You want to jumpstart and maintain a proper skincare regimen for dry skin that allows for light, non-abrasive exfoliation to reveal brighter, smoother, and even skin tone that makes you feel good while using it. 

You're looking for lightweight formulas in one kit that:

✔️Allows your skin to breathe
✔️Doesn't clog pores
✔️Truly delivers natural dewy-skin
✔️Sensitive-skin safe

We want to get you to admire your reflection and truly see the beauty you naturally possess, making sure your skin is protected and well cared for.


This set includes:
(1) Full-Sized Savant Cream Cleanser - 50 ml 
(1) Full-Sized Wave Toning Essence - 60 ml 
(1) Mini De Palma Facial Oil - 7.5 ml 

SAVANT CREAM CLEANSER - Nourishing and Exfoliating (50 ml)

- A fluffy cream formula, it gently removes dead skin cells, evens rough skin tone and gradually brightens dark spots.

- Regenerates cells and provide immense hydration without clogging pores while remaining lightweight with Kokum Butter, Squalane, and Guava Seed Oil.

- Cleanses the skin, without stripping the skin, and penetrates deeply to rid dirt and debris. 

WAVE TONING ESSENCE - Refining and Soothing (60 ml)

- Functions as a toner and a serum, providing duality that allows you to balance, tone, and slightly tighten the skin after cleansing or throughout the day.

- Soothes the skin with calming extracts of Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Honeydew in this fluid gel formula.

DE PALMA FACIAL OIL - Hydrating and Clarifying (7.5 ml)

- Our lightweight, nurturing, and hydrating facial oil that has become a best seller and customer favorite.

- Perfect for balancing and providing the nutrients dry and sensitive skin craves without the heaviness many experience with facial oils.

- Delicate in its makeup with amazing oils such as Jojoba, Squalane, Evening Primrose, Sea Buckthorn Berry, and Palmarosa. De Palma provides a subtle glow to reveal your healthiest skin yet.

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