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How to Get Glazed Skin with Dry Skin this Spring

We're all after that look. You know, the one where it looks like you just dipped your face in a pond of rose petaled water after sleeping for 10 hours, waking up refreshed, and without a care in the world, and it shows on your skin as it beams radiantly.

Okay, truth is we know that might sound like it's straight out of a storybook or Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle manual. Though, achieving that dewy, plump, look isn't really that far away as it may seem. Especially for dry skin, you can achieve that glazed donut look, without worrying about being too greasy or a heavy feeling on your face. It's all about layering and knowing what products to use to make sure the absorption is just right without it being too much.

Step 1:

After you cleanse your skin, you want to apply a toning essence, or just an essence if you want to skip the toner. Preferably one that is super silky, like our Wave Toning Essence, which has squalane oil (sugarcane based) and other skin soothing and smoothing ingredients such as alcohol-free witch hazel extract, eucalyptus, and prickly pear. All of these ingredients reduce inflammation of the skin, while prepping your skin to readily receive the next step in your skincare routine with open arms.

Step 2:

Apply an occlusive afterwards that helps to seal in the hydration from the essence to prevent transepidermal water loss. Applying something like our De Palma Facial Oil really helps to seal the deal and creates a smooth, softer surface that will leave you saying "ah" at your own reflection.

For an even more natural, dewier look, apply a tinted sunscreen with a pH changing blush that changes to match your specific tone, like BYO Blush by Youthforia. 

Watch the video below to see our founder, Kimberlee, go from dry to dewy in a matter of seconds with the Wave Toning Essence and De Palma Facial Oil:


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