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Skin Deep: The Secret to Clear Skin? Keeping Your Routine Simple

Everyone wants to achieve clear skin the "quick" way. In today's market, we've been inundated with believing that a 7, 10, even 12-step skincare routine is necessary. Let's be real and honest for a moment: it's not at all necessary. You only truly need a minimal skincare routine that really works for your skin, but more importantly, that includes tweaks to your diet and lifestyle.

The Basics:

The basics of a skincare is your tried and true method that you've been hearing since your days as a teenager. That's inclusive of:

- Cleanse
- Tone
- Moisturize

Your skincare products should really cater to what works for your skin and also how it makes you feel. However, when looking for a cleanser, we go by the following rule: for dry skin 

Your skincare product should really cater to what works for your skin and how it makes you feel.

When it comes to the toning step, it is absolutely necessary to tone the skin. It helps to truly re-balance the skin after the pH (it's acidity/alkalinity) has been thrown off with the cleanser that likely contained some type of acid, which are almost always ranging from 3.0 to 4.5 on the pH scale.

Additionally, toning helps to remove dirt and residue that was left over from the cleanser, especially make-up that wasn't removed. Plus it helps to prep the skin to receive the next steps of your routine, essentially "opening" up your pores a bit to allow the skin to be truly penetrated and getting the most out of your routine.

Adding moisture back into the skin and locking it in as the last step is absolutely a necessity. For drier skin types that are sensitive, you may be more interested in a gel cream that's more lightweight, but deeply penetrating with the ability to effectively hydrate and moisturize the skin without feeling like you've doused yourself in Vaseline, that contains ingredients that are used at safe levels/percentages that won't irritate the skin.

Down to Nutrition:

Some people state that what you eat doesn't show up on your face. We beg to differ as we know this couldn't be far from the truth. Your diet affects your skin, just as it affects your body. 

Eating processed meats, too much dairy (cow's milk, cheese, ice cream), starchy carbohydrates (french fries, corn, peas [yes, peas are a starchy veggie and should be limited]), high sugar, and even SOY shows up on your face as most of these are highly processed and disrupts your endocrine system and your hormones. 

As a tried and true diet to follow, eat more green vegetables such as broccoli and kale (when you saute it with salt and paper within a dish, it's so good), and whole foods/carbs such as butternut squash, sweet potatoes (white potatoes are actually good, too), brown rice, and beans. Healthy fats like eggs, avocados, and salmon in moderation helps your skin flourish as well. 

And Moving Your Body:

What if we told you that exercise is not only to help you lose weight, which honestly it's only one part to losing weight, but it could also help your skin glow to to gods? You'd think that we're kidding, but we really aren't. 

Exercise, even simple activities like walking around your neighborhood or on a treadmill, gets your blood pumping just a smidge. When your blood circulates better, it allows for better oxygen flow throughout your skin's cells 

With the way things are being presented in the market today in stores, there's a lot of options to choose from and a lot of confusing jargon used that can make it overwhelming and give you FOMO. However, there's no need to feel intimidated, because more than half of these products you don't truly or necessarily need at the moment.

Simply following the basics of skincare and treating your body right, reducing stress levels, and being mindful of the foods that you eat, contributes to healthier, better skin. If you do have cystic acne that's genetic and very hard to get rid of, you may require more vigorous treatment.

However, we recommend trying a holistic approach first, evaluating yourself and your overall lifestyle and make small changes if necessary. The key it to remain patient with ourselves and nurture ourselves and best as possible. Rushing the process can often lead to rushed results, with more damage to the skin done and worse results than expected. 

The overall goal? Take time with learning yourself and keep it simple. Don't overdo it and remember less is always best. 

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