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What is a Toning Essence?


When we first set out to make our Wave Toning Essence, it came from a place of wanting a toner that didn't completely dry up super quickly and could be used throughout the day for a hydrated look and feel. Obviously, functional duality is another core piece to our company and our entire line.

The dream for Wave came from a period of time where there were several products on the market that were toners that still included drying alcohols or alcohol extracted witch hazel in the formulations. For sensitive, dry skin, this step seemed unnecessary because of the damage it did to skin like ours. During my time as a photographer, I was always seeking this dewy afterglow look that just couldn't be achieved with makeup and wanted something that made the models look hydrated without overdoing the bronzed look with makeup.

When creating the first two products for Ode to Self's line, I immediately knew that a toner had to be created. I couldn't wait to get to work on the formula that lingered in my dreams nightly as the product I envisioned on the shelves. The most important properties this toner needed to have were to be hydrating, provide a "taut" feeling, and alcohol free. With those benchmarks, I was on the hunt researching ingredients that met the criteria while making sure we weren't overdoing it––the goal was to keep things simple and minimal, yet effective.

The outcome of that is what you see reflected in Wave today. Wave is an essence essentially because of it's serum-like properties and being very translucent and lightweight. Not too heavy, but more like a refresher, which met the sought after "dewy" characteristic I was aiming for when I envisioned the product. It serves as a prep-step for the skin, adding an extra layer of hydration to be able to readily absorb the remaining skincare products in a routine.

The toning properties of Wave come from its ingredients that are known to refine pores and purify them such as the rose hydrosol, the alcohol-free witch hazel, prickly pear extract, and helichrysum extract. That is what gives Wave its unique, but beautiful, makeup of toning and refining properties in a silky smooth gel-like formula.


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