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Our Approach is Rooted in Caring for Your Overall Wellbeing

Our Origins

Ode to Self Skincare started as a journey of slowing down and understanding myself by reducing the amount of “clutter” and junk in my life. That included the bottomless pit of excessive skincare products and steering away from the “skincare junkie” aspiration to focus more on what my skin actually needed. Thus, creating a minimalistic, multifunctional routine to nurse it back to health and get back to prioritizing myself.


Our target is specifically sensitive dry skin. I formulate without the use of artificial fragrance, dyes, excessive ingredients, or high amounts of BHAs and AHAs, allowing a true balance of transparent, hydrating, and restorative ingredients formulated for darker complected skin tones first.


I believe in order to better understand yourself, you must first strip down to the basics. Thus, Ode to Self's system focuses on the basic steps required in a routine to help you get know your skin better, creating a solid foundation to build on for your healthy skin journey.


Kimberlee Alexandria-Day
Founder & Maker

Created with Intention

Safe Formulas, Simple Ingredients

Our products are created intentionally, using effective ingredients that nourish and soothe dry skin, while remaining aware of skin's sensitivies to popular ingredients that may cause irritation such as unnecessary dyes, silicones, PEGs, coconut derivatives, added or artificial fragrance, parabens, and pthalates.

Get Back to the Basics

Build a Sustainable Routine

Our skincare and wellness collection takes a back-to-basics approach to minimize confusion and waste.

We provide you with the tools to build a foundational routine to help you assess your skin's needs. From there, you're able to add in additional products if necessary to help with targeted corrections.

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