Specifically Made for Women of Color - Ode to Self Skincare – Ode to Self Skincare and Wellness


Our Mission

To get women to recognize the power in cultivating a deeper relationship with themselves in order to achieve full understanding and clarity of one’s self.

We're Here for YOU.

Our products are meant to support women who are on a journey of rediscovery—and metaphysical recovery—of self.

We’re an intentional simple range skincare brand that caters to the African-American woman's skin as we develop products to alleviate dryness and hyperpigmentation, while remaining cognizant of our skin’s sensitivity.

The entire Ode to Self collection has been formulated for the needs of Black women first, instead of being an afterthought in the development process.

Our skin is different and delicate in many ways, therefore, it requires more hydration and moisture, while reducing sensitization of the skin due to an overuse of products or irritating ingredients.

During our research and formulation process, we're sure to include ingredients that are top quality and deeply penetrative, yet balancing for Black skin.

As all of our needs are different, just as they're similar, one thing remains the same: putting yourself first. It is not a selfish task as it is imperative to our overall wellness and livelihood, allowing us to recenter ourselves and stay grounded. Ode to Self has been designed to not only be just a skincare brand, but a brand that stands as a staple to put the needs of Black women & men first.