Ode to Self Skincare is an e-commerce, direct-to-consumer brand that serves as a dual initiative for mental health awareness. Ode to Self Skincare offers a small range of products, which includes our debut facial oil De Palma, and toning essence, Wave. 

Oils and serums have been proven to be more effective and are able to sink into the skin quicker, delivering the nutrients it needs and working how its supposed to. It also creates a sense of luxury for the consumer, as it forces you to slow down and spend more time with yourself. This helps one to further assess how they're taking care of themselves and how they're feeling, which helps to better know the root of the causes for dull, tired skin and certain breakouts.

Our Mission

The mission is to get consumers to stop and rethink self-care and how it really affects the state of their well-being and to make the conversation about mental health wellness and illnesses an open dialogue.

Self-care is about holding ourselves accountable for our overall state of well-being which embodies our metaphysical, psychological, and physical state.

Since Ode to Self's creation, we've been on that mission to drive awareness about mental health illnesses and its effect, especially in our underserved communities; slowly breaking down the negative stigma that surround mental illnesses and providing the resources that those individuals need - one conversation at a time.  We are driven to provide skincare and body care that works to nourish the body and mind.  

Ode to Self came about from the founder’s own struggle with mental health and experiencing it first-hand with the oppression it caused in her own family. Being diagnosed with anxiety disorder in 2015, she wanted to find a way to get people to start taking mental health seriously and seeking the help they need, and more importantly, taking better care of themselves.