We Exist to Help You Understand Yourself Better – Ode to Self Skincare and Wellness, LLC.

We Exist to Help You Understand Yourself Better

Our products are meant to support women who are on a journey of rediscovery—and metaphysical recovery—of self.

We’re an intentional simple range skincare brand in an effort reduce the amount of clutter and confusion in one’s routine of care—thus, contributing to reducing anxiety and stress—incorporating highly sensorial ingredients in our formulas that evokes a sense of calmness and connection with self.


Our Mission

To get women to recognize the power in cultivating a deeper relationship with themselves in order to achieve full understanding and clarity of one’s self.

Ode to Self came about from the founder’s own struggle with mental health and experiencing it first-hand with the oppression it caused in her own family.

Being diagnosed with anxiety disorder in 2015, Kimberlee wanted to find a way to get people to start taking mental health seriously and to start taking better care of themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.