We have tons of questions when it comes to our skin and the products that we use, and Ode to Self aims to be as transparent as possible without giving away trade secrets. If you don't see a question or answer that you're looking for, feel free to send an email our way to info@ode-toself.com.


Q: Are these products safe for all skin types?
Yes, the products are formulated to work for the driest, most sensitive skin out there, including mine! 

Q: Where do you source your ingredients?
We source our ingredients from suppliers who are compliant with industry standards, and also go above an beyond to make sure that the ingredients are quality, natural, and mostly organic. With that being said, we will never, ever, ever, ever work with a supplier who handle products without care, test on animals for efficacy, or aren't notable. 

Q: Will the essential oils damage my skin?
Short answer: no. Long answer: it depends on the percentage and quantity used in the formulation. We use no more than 0.6% of essential oils in our formulations. The suggested use it to stay under 1%. Because we know that essential oils can be highly sensitizing and, in cases, phototoxic, we use small quantities and dilute the heck out of it. But, you still get the benefits without risking damage to your skin 

Q: Can I use your products daily?
Heck, yeah! Of course. Our products were formulated for daily, gentle use for the skin.