Founder Bio

I'm Kimberlee, the founder and maker of this beautiful brand. I like to dub myself as a serial creative whose interests spans over the beauty and skincare industries, to art and photography over on to fitness, health, and wellness. Being an artist is my first love and a natural gift that I was born with! 

Back in 2013, I attended Aveda Institute and studied Esthiology and graduated in 2014, and fell in love with holistic practices to take care of the skin using plants and natural remedies. Additionally, I've worked alongside a chemist in order to review formulations to make sure that they're as effective as they can be in providing you with the best products that can truly nourish your skin.

My passion for helping others, specifically young women, started at a young age. I discovered my life’s purpose as a young teenager to help girls and young women be comfortable with themselves and empower them through encouragement, and I've since invented ways to live out that purpose daily. 

I want Ode to Self to help women to realize the worth in themselves and to start paying attention to what their bodies are telling them. This is so much more beyond skincare; this is welding the bond between skincare and mental health awareness and putting ourselves first.