Zoom Dusk - Deep Moisture Body + Hair Oil (Pre-Order)
Zoom Dusk - Deep Moisture Body + Hair Oil (Pre-Order)
Zoom Dusk - Deep Moisture Body + Hair Oil (Pre-Order)
Zoom Dusk - Deep Moisture Body + Hair Oil (Pre-Order)

Dusk - Deep Moisture Body + Hair Oil (Pre-Order)

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Works well for these skin & hair types:

  • Dry
  • Sensitive
  • Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Dry and Chemically-Altered (Relaxed and Colored/Dyed) Hair
  • Flaky Scalp

What it does:

Doubling as a body and hair oil, Dusk gently locks moisture in the skin and hair ends, while providing radiant yet subtle shine. For the hair, use 2-3 drops on the ends. For the skin, use 7-8 drops and massage on affected areas. Its ability to spread generously will go far. 

Why You Need It:

Dusk helps to heal damaged, dry skin and ailments such as eczema and psoriasis, while being rapidly absorbent. Its thick, but lightweight texture allows for you to gently glide it onto your skin without a feeling of heaviness, but deeply penetrates into the skin to get to work by healing and protecting thanks to the Yangu a.k.a. Cape Chestnut Oil in our formulation.

  • Cape Chestnut possess natural sunscreen properties, which is used by the African women of the Maasai tribe to protect their skin from the harsh heat that they face.
  • Buriti fruit oil is rich in Vitamin A, which is a naturally occurring SPF factor to protect against harmful UV rays.
  • Pequi Oil contains a potent amount of Vitamin C and known as "God's nectar" due to its firming, elastic, healthy, and supple skin properties--higher than the amount of oranges and lemons.
  • Additionally, Pequi helps the hair for shine, malleability, and silkiness as a leave in product (great for a hot oil hair treatment)
  • Manuka helps to help scars and promotes generation of scar tissue and may inhibit the effects of skin inflammation caused by UV rays. 

More about this product:

Dusk is produced in small batches in an artisan studio with love and care. Therefore, the color of the products may vary from batch to batch, but it still yields that same great results. When you order from us, production time will be factored into shipping when you order your item, however, we will try to make sure you get your delicate oil in time. 

Shelf Life - 12 Months

Marula Oil*; Squalane; Cape Chestnut (Calodendrum capense) Oil*; Pequi (Caryocar brasiliense) Oil*; Maracuja (Passion Fruit) Seed Oil*; Buriti Oil*; Vitamin E; Manuka**; Lemongrass Oil*

*Certified Organic, **Wild-harvested 

Our Ode 2 Earth Refill Program:

In an effort to reduce the amount of waste that's found on our planet and end up in landfills collecting more dirt and waste, we've opted to use glass bottles.

Upon your purchase, you will be eligible for a 15% discount upon turning in your empty bottle for a refill. That way, you won't have to worry about purchasing another bottle and throwing the other in the trash. If you do happen to run out and do not return the bottle, please consider washing out, sanitizing, and reusing it in your home.

*These statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Please caution using any new skincare regimen by doing a patch test on the inner arm or wrist. If irritation, redness, or swelling occurs, please discontinue use immediately.

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