Nourish Your Mind. Honor Your Body.

Ode to Self Skincare is developed and designed for women of color like you to help repair, heal, nourish and even your beautiful skin - while retaining your natural mela-hypnotic glow, from head to toe.


Slow Down and Recover

We're dedicated to helping you learn how to honor yourself and listen to what your body, mind, and skin needs.

Our Story

Skincare designed for YOU.

Our products are designed to gently help combat the common skin ailments women of color face:

Sensitive Skin


Dry Skin

Hyperpigmented/Dark Spots



De Palma Hydrating + Clarifying Facial Oil

The De Palma Facial Oil naturally heals & detoxifies the skin, eradicating signs of acne and pimples, while helping it to remain radiant with a natural glow. With Black Currant Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Berry, Evening Primrose, and Palmarosa, it's the ultimate defense your face has been craving.

Nourish Your Body from Head to Toe.

Dusk Body and Hair Oil is our newest addition to the OTS family - made to nourish you from head to toe - to enhance your natural glow while working to relieve symptoms of eczema, stretch marks, scarring, and redness.

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Recovery for the mind and skin.

Our Recovery Kit I allows you to experience our products, along with a candle, for true relaxation of the mind and giving yourself the ultimate attention you deserve.

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