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Our all-new BASK Cleansing Balm is here. Get the benefits of 2% salicylic acid wrapped in this nourishing, multifunctional formula made for sensitive dry skin.

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For Dry and Sensitive Deeply Melanated Skin

Our products were created in a mindful approach to help nourish, restore, and balance mild to moderate sensitive dry skin.

We've designed a range of multifunctional products to help keep your skincare regimen lean with grounding aromas that bring clarity to what matters most: taking care of yourself.

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It's become so popular in my home that I now have to fight my fiancé over who gets to use the De Palma Hydrating and Clarifying Facial Oil in the morning.

Janell Hickman-Kirby Refinery29
De Palma - Hydrating and Clarifying Facial Oil

This oil is amazing and smells wonderful! It's super hydrating without making my skin feel slick. Definitely going to buy the full size next!

Wave - Soothing and Refining Toning Essence

I love the consistency, the smell, and the color. The product doesn’t absorb on to the cotton ball, which lets me know that it will all be absorbed on my skin. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue like other toners I have tried. And the results so far are amazing! I’ve been using for about two weeks now and my skin has been so hydrated and smooth. Definitely one of my favorite buys this year!


My go-to toner is by the Black-owned skincare brand Ode to Self, and it’s called Wave. I use it because it’s packed full of nutrients for your skin, including vitamin C, which is a superhero for your skin. I’m 45 and always looking for ways to reduce fine lines.

Danika Berry Who What Wear
Bask Cleansing Balm

This blend of oils and acids create a texture that melts makeup by simply rubbing around your face and rinsing, while stopping painful pimples and other forms of breakouts in their tracks, too, thanks to the masking qualities it possesses.

Melissa Epifano The Zoe Report

Meet Everyone's Favorite

Lightweight, energizing, and calming all-in-one, the De Palma Facial Oil provides the ultimate moisture, leaving skin feeling buttery smooth and visibly healthier.

Essence + Toner + Serum

Our Wave Toning Essence is an all-in-one, alcohol-free jelly toner, effectively rebalancing your skin's pH after cleansing while tightening pores with rose water, helichrysum and chamomile extracts.

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Shop our Starter Rituals with an exclusive mini Wave Toning Essence and the Mini De Palma Facial Oil.

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A non-caffeinated, smooth loose-leaf blend, Voyage takes your taste buds on a smooth journey, while setting the tone for your mornings to remind you about stillness and mindfulness.